When To Sell Your Denver Home

Dated: 08/15/2018

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The Denver housing market stays trending with homes being sold at prices far more than what they were listed at. The city is known to have a rising popularity with over 13,000 newcomers residing to the area in last year alone which includes to over 93,000 relocating to the city from 2010. People relocate to this area for its rising job market and the presence of a unique outdoor view. All these have resulted to some positive features and on the other hand, they’ve brought traffic, housing shortage within the city, increase in home values and rising living costs. 

For this, if you’re a homeowner or a real estate investor trying to sell your property in Denver, you need to have all these in mind and think of a perfect time to sell your home for top budget. The question is, when should sellers wait and when is the best time for them to get their homes listed on the Denver real estate market? Remember you’re a seller on a seller market, you still need skills and experience to get the game accomplished. Dough sellers have a rising housing price, the last thing you should do is mistake a growing population for an easy housing market.

The Denver real estate market has grown quite seasonal the past few years making predictions on when is the best time for sellers to put their homes on the market much easier as it happens yearly with relatively no changes sometimes. From studies on the market in the past few years, the market gets to a compression phase from February to May. A compression phase is when a real estate market is experiencing more home buyers than the overall listed homes on the market. This explains why there are more homes under contract from mid-February to starting May than homes for sale. This period is when the market experience a drastic increase in home values with the presence of intense buyer competition.

So when is the perfect time for Denver home sellers to take action? Getting a precise answer for that should be April and May. If you want to understand why the perfect time is April and May, try visiting a listed house during the period, they get buyers coming from every angle. Values start dropping early July August when most buyers are done shopping. Sellers who missed the flight now have to sell for much lower than others. If you want to get the most from your home value then April and May mark the perfect time to sell. Figure out the perfect game plan and get your home listed to sell for top dollar.

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